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Founded in 1986 MHD Magnets is currently the leading manufacturer of patented magnetic fluid treatment systems. Years of R&D and the adaptation of known magnetic applications have resulted in four product lines:

  • Magnetic modules for scale control in pipelines;
  • Magnetic separators removing metallic particles from fluids;
  • Biofilm monitoring and control of MIC (microbiology induced corrosion) and bio fouling;
  • Centrifugal separators removing magnetic and non-magnetic particles from fluids.

The following 4 principles guide the MHD activities:

  • All our high-end products carry a high efficiency, are maintenance free, can be automatically operated and are easily integrated in factory systems.
  • The green footprint of all our products significantly decrease water losses and unnecessary dumping of expensive chemicals and pollutants and, if any, show minimal energy consumption.
  • Our separation technologies are essential in the quest for thinner paint layers and therefore reduce customer production costs.
  • The onset of the mixed metals (steel and aluminum) and carbon fiber production materials, prompted us to extend our range of products into the realm of centrifugal separation.
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