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Over 100 PACMAN-150 Separators Operational in 2017

Posted on 20 December, 2016

MHD and Hydrotech Separation Technologies have signed a contract for the delivery of 3 PACMAN-150 magnetic separators for the customer and end-user Great Wall Motors in Baoding, China. Included in this delivery will be the PACMAN with serial number:

2017-150-100 !

This means that over 100 magnetic separators of the type PACMAN-150 will be operational in 2017! In total over 250 magnetic separators of the PACMAN series are delivered and operational worldwide.

Thanks to all customers and users of the MHD PACMAN separators!


MHD Scores with Local Football Team

Posted on 20 September, 2016

MHD started sponsoring a local football team. The youth under 13 team of football club “V.V. Zinkwegse Boys” are now wearing MHD outfits before and after their matches.



Train hard and good luck Zinkwegse Boys!


Successful Start-up and Training Mercedes-Benz Brazil

Posted on 14 September, 2016

In the week of 11 September MHD, Geico and Mercedes-Benz have successfully commissioned the PACMAN-150 at the brand new Mercedes-Benz plant in Iracemapolis, Sao Paulo. Installed in the second stage dip degreasing of the pre-treatment line, the PACMAN is now ready for operation.

Besides the start-up, some of the highly motivated and skilled Mercedes-Benz operations and maintenance employees have completed the PACMAN training course provided by MHD. All ins and outs of the PACMAN were discussed and at the end of the day everybody passed the required test.


MHD would like to say thanks, or better “obrigado”, to Mercedes-Benz and Geico for the succesful completion of this important step of the project and good luck, or better “boa sorte”, with the remaining commissioning activities.


References Visible on the World Map

Posted on 12 March, 2015

Today we completed the references section on the website. All the plants where our products are placed are visible on the world map. An incredible amount of work putting them all on there, but how great are the results!

100 plants worldwide today!

We have made a great effort in placing the markers on the right spot. If we have mistakenly placed your company’s plant on the wrong spot, please let us know so we can correct this.

Send an E-mail to: contaning your company name, the wrong and correct address, and we will do our best to put the marker there where it should be.

Curious? Click around and see which product is placed where…


New MHD Magnets Website Launch

Posted on 26 November, 2014

The new MHD Magnets Website is launched in February 2015. This serious website upgrade creates easy access to company and product information, a geographical overview of our worldwide references and distributors and much more.

At the delivery of a MHD product the customer will be provided with a  log-in and password to sign-in to the MHD Magnets Customer Portal. On this Customer Portal product documentation, pictures and other information can be downloaded. Support during installation, commissioning and/or operation, questions and/or quotes for filtration solutions, products and spare pars can easily be requested using standard forms available on the MHD Magnets Customer Portal.  For existing customers and MHD product users log-in and password will be provided on request.

Go ahead, click around the site, enjoy and learn!

Feedback will be appreciated!


MHD Magnets Partner of the All-Sep Group

Posted on 30 October, 2014

MHD Magnets is a partner and one of the founders of the All-Sep Group.  Each company of this group is an expert with a proven track record in its field, who offers solutions for the pre-treatment and electro-foretic coating processes in paint lines.

The All-Sep Group systems and solutions separate foreign matter from the cleaning, rinsing, phosphate and ED stages that precede the actual paint process.

The technologies applied in the All-Sep Group products and systems represent a full scale of separation technologies, from simple gravity separation through magnetic and centrifugal separation through to membrane separation.

For more information of the All-Sep Group go to the website.

                          All-Sep Group

High-end separation technologies for pre-treatment processes

Simon Stevinstraat 1
NL-3261 MG Oud-Beijerland
The Netherlands