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Bag filtration is a commonly used method to separate particles from fluids in a wide range of applications. Bag filters generally have low equipment investment cost and are tolerant of various process conditions.

Typical processes where bag filtration is used are automotive paint facilities where iron particles are carried from the body shop into the paint shop pre-treatment lines. MHD experience has learned that up to 80% of the pollution in the degreasing sections of paint shop pre-treatment lines are ferritic particles. Inserting magnetic bars in filter bags significantly reduces time spent on bag changes. The ferritic particles will not be separated by the filter bag itself but will be captured on the outer surface of the magnetic bars. Because of this the maximum pressure drop will be reached after a longer operational time of the filter bag, significantly reducing maintenance costs and environmental impact.

The standard MHD BAGMAG is compatible with the type 2 filter bags (length 700 mm) and consists of a stainless steel cage (BAG LOCK) that can hold up to 4 magnetic bars. The magnetic bars have an ideal flux density for particle separation and for cleaning the bars during maintenance. The wall thickness of the magnetic bars is 1.25 mm for the required strength to prevent bending during maintenance.

The MHD BAGMAG for sizes other then the type 2 filter bags is available on requests.


The BAGMAG consists of 2 main components:

  • Stainless steel BAG LOCK with handle
  • 1 up to 5 magnetic elements


The BAGMAG provides various advantages:

  • BAG LOCK easily inserted in and removed from filter bag
  • Magnetic bars easily inserted in and removed from BAG LOCK
  • Magnetic bars kept apart by guiders in the BAG LOCK during insertion and removal
  • Magnetic bars have maximum resistance to bending during cleaning process without compromising magnetic field strength
  • Magnetic bars have an ideal flux density for particle separation and for cleaning during maintenance

Sizing data table


Magn. surface area




Effective mag. flux density


BAGMAG 1 insert  480 3.0 0.6 
BAGMAG 2 inserts  960 5.2  0.6 
BAGMAG 3 inserts  1440 7.3  0.6 
BAGMAG 4 inserts  1920 9.5  0.6 
BAGMAG 5 inserts  2400 11.6  0.6 


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