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The magnetic treatment of fluids present an excellent method of avoiding costly scale formation. Wherever water circulates as a heating or cooling mechanism, I water supply system, as process water or in chemical manufacturing processes build-up of calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, iron phosphate and various hydroxides forms a major maintenance headache endangering productivity and operational costs and increased risk of downtime.

MHD scale control technology combines advanced magnetics and fluid dynamics to control the formation of scale in new piping and process equipment preventing blockages and unscheduled maintenance.

In existing piping and process equipment the corrective action entails the proportional dissolving and disintegrating of deposited old scale. These deposits are then carried downstream with the passing fluid.


The FLOWMAG consists of 2 main components:

  • Stainless steel housing with 2 flanged sections
  • Magnetic elements


The FLOWMAG provides various advantages:

  • In new piping scale depositing is significantly reduced
  • In existing piping the old deposited scale is dissolved and disintegrated
  • The formed scale/sludge is less hard and more voluminous
  • The scale is more easily removed from the installation
  • Maintenance costs and downtimes are seriously reduced
  • Energy loss in the installation is reduced
  • 2 bolted sections provide easy acces for cleaning and maintenance

Applications - Automotive industry

NEDCAR Born, The Netherlands.

Dip phosphate section with 260 m 3 volume. 

Installation of MHD magnetic modules in heat exchanger circuit and in circulation pipe work.

SST - NEDCAR Born - 2 Months Trail

Trail period 2 months: Soft sludge which can easily be cleaned.

SST - NEDCAR Born - 3 Months Trail

Trail period 3 months: Soft sludge can easily be sprayed off, acid rinse of heat exchanger after 3 months.

SST - NEDCAR Born - 6 Months Trail

Trail period 6 months: Soft sludge and light scaling of pipe work and nozzles. Green precipitate on tank walls is slowly decreasing starting from the weld seams. NEDCAR decided to postpone the sulphuric aced rinse and permanently install the MHD magnetic modules.


OPEL Antwerp, Belgium.

Spray phosphate section.

SST - OPEL Antwerp - Zinc Phosphate Nozzles without MHD 

Without MHD magnetic treatment: Heavy scaling in spray rings and blockages in nozzles.

SST - OPEL Antwerp - Zinc Phosphate Nozzles with MHD 

With MHD magnetic treatment: Spray rings and nozzles remain open.

SST - OPEL Antwerp - Without MHD

Without MHD magnetic treatment: Tenacious hard scale on pipe walls.

SST - OPEL Antwerp - With MHD

After 3 months with MHD magnetic treatment: Soft scale can be easily removed.


Audi Ingolstadt, Germany.

Spray rinse piping following the zinc phosphate section.

SST - Audi Ingolstadt - Without MHD 

Without MHD magnetic treatment (pre-treatment line 1).

SST - Audi Ingolstadt - With MHD 

With MHD magnetic treatment (pre-treatment line 2).

Applications - Water systems

City University, London, United Kingdom.

Calcium carbonate scale in cooling water system magnetically treated.

SST - Old Scale in Water Pipes - Industrial

Industrial application: Before treatment (left), after 3 months (center), after 7 months (right).

 SST - Old Scale in Water Pipes - Laboratory

Laboratory trail: Before treatment (left), after 3 months (center), after 7 months (right).


Ulm, Germany.

Highly calcareous water of heating system magnetically treated.

SST - Heating Water - Without MHD 

Without MHD magnetic treatment.

SST - Heating Water - With MHD 

After 4 months with MHD magnetic treatment.

Sizing data table








Effective mag. flux density


SST-3   30 – 45 PN16 DN80  350  0.5
SST-4  40 – 65 PN16 DN100  350  0.5
SST-5  60 – 100 PN16 DN125   400  0.5
SST-6  95 – 150 PN16 DN150  450  0.5
SST-8  145 – 250 PN16 DN200   450  0.5
SST-10  240 – 450 PN16 DN250   450  0.5
SST-12  440 – 650 PN16 DN300   450  0.5


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