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The PACMAN first stage inline magnetic separator is designed to effectively remove micron size ferritic particles from amongst others degreasing fluids. The main principle of the functioning of the PACMAN is a tailored combination of magnetic engineering and fluid dynamics:

  • Permanent magnetic flux density of 1.28 Tesla (12800 Gauss) and a surface area up to 2.7 m2
  • Decelerated longitudinal or transverse fluid flow of > 0.4 m/sec over the magnetic elements

The PACMAN can be delivered with an on-board industrial PLC for stand-alone operation, integrated with the ROTOMAG and/or integrated with the factory control system. Depending on the rate of pollution the PACMAN is automatically drained and rinsed at a configurable frequency by the patented, fully integrated spray cleaning system. The maximum load is 30 kg (dry weight) per m2 magnetic surface. Fe particles are trapped on the outer surface of the stainless steel magnetic elements. In the matrix of the aggregates numerous non-magnetic particles (i.e. sealer and fibers) can be found.


Observing the trends in the automotive industry MHD Magnets is aware of the Nano trend that is taking place, resulting in decreased layer thicknesses at the various stages in the paint line. This makes the separation of even the smallest particles from the pre-treatment stages more important. To anticipate on this we have developed the PREMAG – a flocculation magnetic field on the inlet side of the filter.

This flocculation can significantly improve filtration efficiency for the finest particles.

Formation of aggregates in the flocculation field increases the probability of capturing these larger particles in the main field. A 20% increase in efficiency of particles < 15 mµ is expected.

Next to the PREMAG in new installations, we also provide a retrofit PREMAG unit which can be placed in existing installations.

     PREMAG in new installation                                    Retrofit for existing installation


Modular Design

In order to deliver solutions matching the various customer specific process and requirements MHD Magnets offers the PACMAN in a modular design. By incorporating options in the design MHD can relief customers from pipe and pump installation activities and the PACMAN can meet the Nano requirement.  Our new modular design of the PACMAN filter, enables us to offer our clients the best possible solution for their projects.

Housing module                                

Type of PACMAN given flowrates according design specifications

Flocculation module             

PREMAG incorporated or not

Bypass module and flanges

Depending on type of PACMAN, in DN or ANSI

Drain module: Single or double drain

Using a double drain allows for a 2 step draining sequence, saving process fluid during draining:

  1. Drain with elements lowered > Only regular process fluid to be returned to bath/tank;
  2. Drain with elements raised > Highly polluted process fluid with captured particles to be transferred for further treatment.

Transfer pump module

In case the MHD ROTOMAG/effluent treatment system is located higher/at long distance a transfer pump can be mounted in the drain pipeline to transfer the drained fluid to this effluent treatment system (requires a flow switch).

Control cabinet module                    

Type of PLC and display in the control cabinet. PACMAN delivered with prewired terminal box or with control cabinet with PLC, display and push buttons. MHD standard PACMAN delivery includes the SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC with a KP300 display.



PACMAN Magnetic Separator consist of four main components:

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Hydraulically operated magnet system consisting of 7 up to 29 extremely powerful magnetic elements capable of trapping metallic particles down to single digit micron size
  • PLC automated internal cleaning system during production
  • Integrated chemical rinse connections for annual maintenance


PACMAN Magnetic Separator provides various advantages:

  • ASME and EN Coded design and manufacturing
  • High flow rates up to 475 cbm/hr (2091 GPM)
  • Pressure rating 10 bar (150 psi)
  • Applicable in aggressive and corrosive fluids
  • Fully automated operation using all standard PLC platforms
  • 70-80% high separation rate in full flow due to the use of extremely powerful magnetic elements in combination with decelerated fluid velocity down to 0.4 m/sec
  • Separation efficiency reaching 2 mg/ltr Fe dry-weight
  • Rapid and complete internal cleaning
  • Optional bypass systems facilitate easy hook-up and the lowest installation and operating costs
  • Dependable quality for many years of trouble-free operation (our first magnetic separator dates back to 1995 and is still performing well.  At first with Ford in Belgium, and as the Pacman lifetime has exceeded the factory lifetime, it is currently installed with Ford in Romania )

Design & manufacturing

PACMAN Magnetic Separator is designed and manufactured according:

  • ASME and EN code;
  • PED Pressure Equipment Directive;
  • EU Safety Directives for Machines;
  • CE rules permanently affixed with CE marking.

Sizing data table


Nom. capacity 


Max. capacity 


Magn. surface area


Max load

[kg dry weight FE] 

Dimension housing




Effective mag. flux density


PACMAN-75  75  110  0.8  24  ∅ 250 650 0.6 
PACMAN-150  150  185  1.1  33  ∅ 350 900 0.6 
PACMAN-300  300  360  1.8  54  ∅ 450 1160  0.6 
PACMAN-400  400  475  2.7  81  ∅ 600  1400 0.6 

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