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Mission Statement

MHD views its current main market, the automotive manufacturing industry, as a highly changing market where the automotive manufacturers are constantly striving for reducing their environmental footprint, increasing product quality by changing production materials and decreasing production costs by reducing paint layer thickness.

MHD realizes that most of its products are applicable in markets other than the automotive industry. Therefore MHD envisions great potential for the MHD products in coil coating installations, chemical processes, lubricants, cutting oil systems, cooling water systems and in the food & beverages industry.

The mission of MHD is to maintain and widen our leading position as fluid separation specialists in the automobile manufacturing industry. In this ever changing dynamic market MHD must be vigilant and innovative. For this reason MHD is continuously on a mission to review its products for possible improvements and aim to be innovative in creating new products that are or will be requested by the market. The continuous quest for increased quality and greener production under regimes of rigorous cost control is a challenge that MHD is eager to provide tailored solutions for.

Our strategy is to put products in the market that fulfil our mission, therefore the following 4 principles guide the MHD activities:

  • All our high-end products carry a high efficiency, are maintenance free, can be automatically operated and are easily integrated in factory systems.
  • The green footprint of all our products significantly decrease water losses and unnecessary dumping of expensive chemicals and pollutants and, if any, show minimal energy consumption.
  • Our separation technologies are essential in the quest for thinner paint layers and therefore reduce customer production costs.
  • The onset of the mixed metals (steel and aluminum) and carbon fiber production materials, prompted us to extend our range of products into the realm of centrifugal separation.
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