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The ROTOMAG second stage roller type magnetic separator is designed to remove almost all ferritic particles from the effluent coming from the PACMAN in order to save process fluid and energy. The main principle of the functioning of the ROTOMAG is a tailored combination of magnetic engineering and fluid dynamics:

  • Strong permanent magnetic field over a stainless steel roll
  • Fluid evenly distributed over the full length of the magnetic roll

The ROTOMAG can be delivered with an on-board industrial PLC for stand-alone operation,  integrated with the PACMAN and/or integrated with the factory control system. The teflonated scraper plate provides continuous removal of ferritic particles from the stainless steel magnetic roll into the waste basket with a reusable filter bag.


The ROTOMAG consist of 4 main components:

  • Magnetic roller box including teflonated scraper blade
  • Holding/circulation tank and piping including inlet, outlet and circulation valve
  • Waste basket including removable and reusable waste bag
  • Chemical rinse connections for annual maintencance


The ROTOMAG provides various advantages:

Sizing data table


Roll size


Flow rate




ROTOMAG-400  Ø 200 x 400  12  600 
ROTOMAG-700  Ø 200 x 700  18  800 


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